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At Apps and Girls, we believe that Tech is the reality of the future and we work to break various barriers such as a non-existent support system, lack of role models, and prevailing gender stereotypes that hinder young people from accessing and creating opportunities in the 4th Industrial revolution that is driven by STEM by providing the alternative, a supportive path into the field of ICT and a future in tech.

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Coding Training

Students learn how to create different computer applications including web based and mobile applications using different computer languages and we provide business and entrepreneurship training that enables them to create innovative tech solutions that solve the challenges experienced by their communities.



Robotics Training

A weekly hands-on robotics training that involves building and programming a robot to perform a specific task following the real-world engineering process. The robotics training encourages problem-solving, engineering concepts, creative thinking and a healthy sense of competition that drives innovation to students.



Tech & Innovation Events

We organise events such as workshops, bootcamps, exhibitions, hackathons and our annual summit that enables the students to meet our large network of fellow STEM and Innovation enthusiasts across East Africa with the goal of igniting girls’ interest in Technology and creativity, learn and build innovations.



Mentorship & Incubation

We provide these emerging young tech-entrepreneurs with mentorship and incubation support that direct and assist them in launching and scaling their digital business ideas while providing them with extensive connections to numerous opportunities in the ecosystem.