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This Year, Apps and girls is coming to Uganda, where it aims to create very young effective tech-entrepreneurs, including high-quality software and hardware programmers.  

Apps and Girls, is one of the leading tech organisations and pioneers of coding and tech entrepreneurship for teens in Tanzania, for the past two years the organization has organised and mentored teams that represented Tanzania in the global robotics competitions that took place in Washington DC,USA July 2017 and Mexico in July 2018.


The FIRST Global Challenge is an annual robotics game that seeks to highlight the greatest challenges facing our planet, including the 14 Grand Challenges for Engineering identified by the United States of America’s National Academy of Engineering. Each year, a different challenge takes center stage in an effort to foster understanding and cooperation among the youth of the world as they use their abilities to solve the world’s problems. Read more at https://first.global/ 


The 2019 FIRST Global Challenge

On February 10, FIRST Global and the Government of the Emirate of Dubai officially announced that they will be hosting the 2019 FIRST Global Challenge in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The event will be October 24-27 at the Coca-Cola Arena.

For one to participate in the FIRST Global Challenge 2019, they have to be on the National team of their country. This year, the Robotics team from Uganda will be organized by Computer Application for Girls Foundation (hereinafter, where appropriate, referred to as “Apps and Girls” or “AnG”). Apps and Girls is a Tanzanian award-winning social enterprise that empowers girls to create the world they want to live in using technology. At Apps & Girls, we give girls the skills and a platform to become effective tech-entrepreneurs, including high-quality software and hardware programming. We have currently expanded to Uganda and we will do the same in other East African regions in the near future. 

All students who wish to join the Uganda Robotics Team for 2019 should have the following Qualifications:

    • Must be between the age of 14 to 18 years. 
    • Must be a citizen of Uganda and can physically engage in the building of the robot activities. 
    • Must be an intermediate or fluent in English.
    • Must be a secondary school student at a government or a private institution (You aren’t required to be a science student but it may be a plus)
    • Must have an adequate or little knowledge about coding/programming or sciences (especially Physics) and Mathematics. 
    • Must have experience with or a passion for robotics, engineering, programing, or electronics.
    • Must have a passion for working in a team and connecting with people all over the world.
    • Must have good collaboration skills and the ability to multitask
    • Must be available for a minimum of twelve hours per week (the more, the better).
    • Must commit to being a member through the end of the build period.
    • Must be able to cover transportation costs to and from the robotics center throughout the build period. Note: This DOESN’T include the flight ticket to Dubai for the Robotics Challenge. 
    • Must have parent/guardian support because you will have to travel abroad to Dubai for the Robotics Challenge 2019.